The Walking Dead S.6 Ep.12 (spoiler review)

What an episode, so the war against Negan has begun. We start off with a nice slow episode, Carol giving out cookies to the town people then we see Rick and the rest come back, Rick tells them he brought food and needs a twin meeting in am hour, Carol asks what’s wrong n Rick tells her that they will need to fight!

Rick and the group meet at the church and he explains them what the deal was with the Hilltop, he ask if anyone has any objections, Morgan gets up and suggest to go talk to Negan’s people, but Rick tells him they all need to be killed. Aaron gets up and in few words he tells them they will do what needs to be done. After the meeting we see few people getting ready and preparing from what’s going to happen the next day. Rick wants to go find a walker cuts his head and make it seems like Gregory, then infiltrate at night.

The night comes and one of the hilltop guys takes the head, the bad guys ask to see it, he shows it to them and they fall for the trap. When one of them goes inside to get their friend Daryl sneaks from behind and kills one of them, in here we see the whole team acting like navy Seals all organize to remove the body. The next guy comes out with their friend and is killed by Michonne, at that point is game on, everyone gets inside the compound, open door by door and kill whoever they find sleeping. We can see Glenn having mixed feelings either sad and remorse, but he follows up with the plan and kills the bad guys.

Everything seems fine until Abraham is attack from behind, he is able to stab the guy but before the bad guy is killed he sounds the alarm. When the alarm goes off, Rosita, Jesus and Father Gabriel go to help, the 2 other Hilltop people are told to leave, then Carol and Maggi want to go help but Carol doesn’t want Maggie to go. In the compound hell breaks loose, all other bad guys come out and start a shooting, in one side of the building Glenn and the other guy are chased and end up in the gun room, they then pick up the biggest gun and start shooting, when they open the door they see everyone is dead, but one is playing it off, when he is about to shot Glenn my heart sunk I thought he was done for, but Jesus came and saved him.

One of the bravest or cool moments was when Father Gabriel finds a wounded bad guy in the grass says a small bible verse and kills the guy. We can see then that the night passes and they all walk outside trying to search what’s left, when one guy tries to escape in a bike, which seems to be Daryl’s, he gets shot, when Rick tries to kill him the bad guy, someone talks over the walkie-talkie tells Rick to drop the gun, and tell him that they have a Carol and Maggie with them.

This is where the episode ends; it seems that because of Carol trying to stop Maggie they got captured by other Negan people. If you read the comic you know Glenn gets killed by Negan, now since Carol and Maggie got captured, things may change, first off in the comic Carol is no longer there, so we may see some new changes, I have seen pictures online where people say Daryl may be the one dying, but who knows, we have to wait and see.


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