Nintendo Direct 3.3.16 (part 2)

Continuing with the Nintendo Direct 3.3.16, here is the second part of my review. On this section I will talk about Mario Maker, Lost Reavers, New paper Mario and Pokken Tournament. First of Mario Maker has been out for about 6 months, and from what I heard in the Nintendo Direct there are about 6.2 million courses, that’s a lot of new maps for people to play. The new update coming to Mario Maker is the addition of keys, locks and the Super Mario Expert Mode. Keys and Locked doors will be cool to have, at least I think so, it will make it harder if the key for a certain door is given at the beginning of the stage and not really needed until the end, well see how many more new cool maps come out with the new features.

Lost Reavers is a multiplayer game,  you can team up with other people online in order to play. The point of this game is to work in team hunting for treasures, solving puzzles and finish the stage. The characters will receive xp by finishing stages and receiving new skills, similar to other RPG games like Pokemon, the more you beat enemies the more xp is gained. The replay value is good at least from what they mentioned, you can play the same mission over and over and the enemies will spawn in different locations and adjust to your level so that will make it harder not easier the more skills you get.

The other game announced was Paper Mario Color Splash, this game is for Wii U as well, the point of the game is to restore color to a town, draw cards to defeat enemies that you will fight in a turn base fight. The game itself looks ok, but looks way too similar to Mario Sunshine for GameCube, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, restoring color because the island got painted over with ugly graffiti. This game looks ok but to me is a no go.

And finally for this part, is the Pokken Tournament, it was said that every time you beat an enemy the game will get harder and harder the more you advance. By winning fights you get in game money which can be used to buy outfits or other stuff for your avatar. We were shown the different fighting styles of some Pokemon like Lucario, Gengar and Machamp, each giving you an advantage depending on your opponent. The game will be released on March 18th if you are the first ones to get the physical copy you will get an Amiibo card featuring Shadow Mewtwo, that will be the only way to get it so make sure you get your first production copy.


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