FUNnimation like Netflix Program

I will assume all of us are familiar with Netflix by know, if you are not then I dont know where you been living. Well why do I bring Netflix, only because of the anime catalog they have and because well FUNimation will be releasing a new service for all of us anime fans. The new service has 3 tiers, free, $5 and $8 USD a month, but you may ask what for? Well they want to have a place for you to visit and watch anime, but is it worth paying for it when there are many sites out there that provide this service for free.

FUNimation wants to have all of their anime in one place, from DBZ, Attack on Titan and  others. What is the difference then, well the free tier will have ads and not all episodes will be available. The $5 will get access to the full library no ads but all subs, and the $8 will have all HD full library, subs plus dub and bonus content. The service will be available first on iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows 10 devices, expanding their service to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Roku by May.

I my self like to watch anime in their native language, makes it more original, the only thing about free sites and FUNimation service is that in some occasions the translators for free sites are not 100% accurate, while FUNimations is the real thing, I really dont care much for the translation because most of the time is not that bad just few errors. So what you think? is it worth it or should we stick with free services?



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