Possible Super Mario Theme Park!


Nintendo Theme Park

Many of us always wish to visit that themed park of our dreams, either princess, horror, movies, I don’t know many cool ideas but what about a Super Mario Theme park? Yup, a Super Mario Theme park is to be built in Japan according to an article from Telegraph UK,costing about $356M USD, this is supposed to be built near the Universal Studios Japan in time for the Tokyo Olympics. Now that is a great date to have a theme park open, not only will people go for the Olympic but if they are already there might as well visit the Super Mario Theme Park. The supposedly Mario Park could feature famous characters like Donkey Kong, Link, Mario and possibly Pokemon.

Now imagine a Nintendo Theme Park, been able to ride some cool rides, enter Zelda’s Castle, enter Mario Theme mazes, I have many ideas that would be really cool to see. Another of the cool things is that if this indeed is built, and by then we already have Pokemon Go, imagine the quantity of people gathered in one place, and since its Nintendo then even a better time and place to trade Pokemon. The Theme park could be built as mentioned by the time of the Olympics, which is 2020, so we still have time to see if this indeed will be done, in the meantime lets continue dreaming and hoping our dream theme park is built.



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