Pokemon Sun/Moon Alert possible leak, or fake leak!

Since the announcement of the new Pokemon Sun/Moon many people have been waiting for more information, some people thought that the last Nintendo Direct would give us some information related to Pokemon but sadly to us we didn’t get no news about Pokemon. Just like any great game when is about to come out, we always have the rumors and fake leaks, in this case Pokemon is no exception. There have been already a few fake leaks about it but none with reliable sources showing the 3 starter Pokemon. I watched one showing a water type as a dolphin, a fire one as a bird and a plant one as a coconut.

The above video shows what people thought was the 3 started Pokemon, watch the video for further details.

From The Pokemon News Central a Fan-base Community from Facebook page we have been told this is not real, I know this is just a fan-based page but some of us bloggers get information from reliable sources, and well from what I have been researching I still havent found any good sources with reliable information. But one place we all know will have some good information is the CoroCoro magazine, which next issue is said to provide more information about is. The Image below was found online, which seems to be legit, due to the background been consistent with the CoroCoro magazine, but then again this could be a really well done fake leak. What we see here is what it seems a blue bird, could be a new water Pokemon. All we can do for now is wait until March 15th when the new CoroCoro comes out, one thing we will see is the introduction a Magearna the new man-made Pokemon.


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