Nintendo Direct 3.3.16 Small Review Part 1


Last week on 3.3.16 we had the Nintendo Direct, and they spoke about many new games and updates to games. Some of the new games coming out are ones I have been waiting for and others just updates or DLC for current games. I will have to split this Nintendo Direct review in several pieces since there are games that have more information than others. On this part I will speak about the first few minutes if the Nintendo Direct video, talking about Star Fox, Splatoon and Mario and Sonic Rio Olympics 2016.

First off, Star Fox for Wii U will be similar to the old N64 version, but will have new maps, and on those maps that we know there will be new paths sending you to new missions. The new user experience will be better due to the graphics and the new game play, by this I mean, you can play with another person, not really 2 player mode, but one can control the spaceship while the other shots using the screen from the controller. Another game will be Star Fox Guard, which is similar to other defense games, you have to defeat the enemies by placing cameras in certain locations to see where the enemy comes from and defeat them acquiring metals and other cool stuff. You are able to create maps and upload them for other players to play them similar to Mario Maker. Both games will be released in a bundle on April 22nd.

Splatoon is a game that has been receiving updates quite often, and well here comes another update. The newest update will tweak with match making, helping teams better build teams when people try to join a game, in most cases it fixes issues where the system adds many higher level people against lower level, it works the same way here. Another update will contact new weapons and other cool stuff, for more information on this you can visit their website for up to date information and news.

And lastly for this blog is the Mario and Sonic 2016 Rio Olympics game, which will be released for both Wii U and 3Ds. This game will have the first new discipline, Rugby 7. This game mode seems pretty straight-forward, playing rugby with 7 player. All venues in the game were copies of the original venues that will take place in Rio de Janeiro this coming June. The release date for the Wii U will be on June 24th, but for those on the 3Ds will be sooner, on March 18.

This is a small review on the first few games from the video, there will be more blogs some containing maybe your favorite game, read the first part of the blog to see what games I will be talking about. I will be posting the next ones throughout this week!


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