Minecraft-Like Game in Unreal Engine 4

I know I have mentioned before the power of Unreal Engine 4, we have seen many small previews from characters and video games that we wish were real, well at least I wish they were actually produced. The games or characters have ranged from simple Nintendo characters to more complex ones like Resident Evil, Doom, and other games. Well I never thought about the upcoming one since is way too simple, by simple I mean graphic wise, that game I’m talking about is Minecraft, now you can agree or disagree with me about thinking this game wouldn’t work or look any better using Unreal Engine 4, well I found an article from Kotaku about John Alcatraz creating more than a simple demo of Minecraft.

The Minecraft like game was created using unreal Engine 4, per John Alcatraz he just intended to see how a voxel game would render using this engine, and well we can see the results were really cool. I saw the pictures and video and it looked similar to a normal Minecraft game but using Shader-Mods. For those not familiar with Shader-Mod is just a mod that adds real lighting to the game, creating some really cool effect in the game. The Minecraft like game is as mentioned similar to Minecraft, you can build, dig, cut and all that other cool stuff we do in Minecraft. Check the video below, there is a demo able to be downloaded for free, so if you like it check the YouTube description and download it.




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