Super Famicom Themed 3Ds

If you watched the Nintendo Direct on the 3rd, we all Heard some really cool news, maybe for some of us they talked about one of favorite games, or just some new game coming up that we weren’t expecting, whatever news you got I hope you liked them. Well I read an article from Geek and they mentioned the new model, not sure if it’s a different model, of the 3Ds, which will resemble the SNES or Super Famicom. Remember the NES themed one? That one made it to the North America and other countries but it was said this Super Famicom Themed 3Ds will only be available in Japan. Now we may not be able to get it in North America, but seen themed 3Ds always give me that urge to disassemble mine and paint it, but then I may break it. Source


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