Star Wars Battlefront New Heroes

With the 1st DLC Season Pass coming soon for Battlefront, we hear there were going to be new Heroes and Villains for the game, and a friend and I started thinking who they can possibly add as a new Heroe or Villain? Our thoughts were, Chewbacca? Yoda? Obi-Wan? I knew no one from the Force Awakes would be able to make it since is too new. Now for Villains we thought maybe Darth Maul? Jango Fett? But we couldn’t come up with a sold list since most of them had already a part in the game, well kind of, we said no to Jango since we already have a Fett in the game, Yoda is too small and if they make him fight like The attack of the clones it could make it too quick for other players, no other Jedi since we already have Luke, so that is a no for Obi and Yoda as well and no for Darth Maul.

But then of course they released the list of the 2 new Heroes that will be added and of course I thought of one but didn’t make it to the list because well it was way too obvious to name him and that was Greedo. The other character will be Nien Nunb, which I never thought about him at all, so if they are adding new Heroes then I can assume Greedo is villain and Nien Nunb must be a hero.  So if you have not pre-order your Season Pass then go for it, remember if you do pre-order you get to play the new DLC maps, new heroes and use the new weapons 2 weeks before anyone else. Check this Polygon article for more info!



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