New Free Pokemon for Pokemon Bank Users

As the Pokemon 20th Anniversary year continues we keep getting more and more great news, first it was the monthly Mythical Pokemon, then the Original Pokemon games coming to the eShop, and just recently news about field testing for Pokemon Go. Well in a more recent news, not really that recent, it was announced on March 1st, but anyways, for all those Pokemon Fans that have a Pokemon Bank account, will receive 3 more Pokemon, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel on March 4th, meaning today. It looks like is those 3 Pokemon for either X/Y and ORAS, so no you cannot have 6 Pokemon if you have either X/Y or ORAS. Each Pokemon will have their Hidden Ability and trait that it is not found on the X/Y captured Pokemon. So if you don’t have a Pokemon Bank account, today is the time to get it, no need to add a credit card, you can pay for it using Nintendo Gift cards and is only $4.99 a year! Check the Pokemon site for more details here.




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