Unreal Engine 4 Software


Unreal Engine 4 has been a platform for many game developers or modders to test out the quality of games that can be created using it. We have seen many old school games shown using the Unreal Engine 4 like Mario, Zelda, Kirby and other non-Nintendo games. The use of this engine has created some amazing effects and some great games that I wish were to be produced, but we know some of them will never happen. So far the only one that may be recreated but not sure if they will be using UE4 is Resident Evil 2, it will be really cool to see it come back using UE4.

A most recent video I saw was the Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past, (check the video below) which seems like I said, amazing! I can imagine me playing this game as it is shown, I would change the camera a bit higher above the shoulder, this will give us a better view at a distance, also I would change the light effects, it seems the lamp he has does not illuminate as much as I would like, but great work from CryZENx on this, as I mentioned it is amazing work done here, even though the video is just 3 minutes, what I saw is great.

I started to think about this, and wonder what if they were to make a Pokemon game like this. I know there are some small videos showcasing Pokemon and how they would look under UE4 with background and other stuff just like the ones we have seen from Link in Kakariko Village and this most recent one.  Well what I found from Pokemon using Unreal Engine 4 was the video below.  I think UE4 has great potential for older games, maybe not all but some of the most well-known can be made with this engine and make them look a lot better.



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