Twilight Princess Easter Egg

When it comes to easter eggs a lot of gamers spend hours and hours in a given game to discover them. We know that most game if not all have some sort of hidden information, pictures, weapons or some sort of item hidden away from us but many gamers take that time to search for them and show it to us all. Nintendo is no exception on hiding small easter eggs on many of their games, from just showing a character making a cameo appearance in the background to pictures on the wall of castles, yup just like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, remember that part when you see Zelda for the first time in the castle? Im sure you remember, if you look at the windows on the side you see Mario, Yoshi and Bowser.

The Legend of Zelda is not the only game, I have seen more but on this blog I want to focus on Zelda games. On the newest LoZ: twilight Princess some gamers have found a new easter egg, remember the main screen of the new upcoming Legend of Zelda which possibly will be released for the NX, well Youtuber HMK found that same image inside the Chudley’s Fine Goods emporium, take a look at the video and you will be able to see some of the pictures.



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