Final Fantasy VII Remake

I have been told by my cousin why I have not blogged about his favorite game since it was and will continue to be one of the best  Final Fantasy games of all time, and that is FF VII, which was developed by Square way before it merged with Enix for the Play Station back in 1997. This game has been one of the biggest video game that sold more than 11 million copies as of 2015 with copies for Play Station, PC in 2009, Steam, PS Network and for mobile Android and iOS. But the best news from 2015 E3 were the new and enhanced version of the same game which will be coming to PS4.

Now when we think about remakes we think about oh is just an enhanced edition, new sharp colors, better definition but not a big change, well not really, there have been some great remakes from the Play Station to newer consoles and they have been great, for example Resident Evil, from Play Station then going to Game Cube and finally to PC, that was a great improvement, but back to Final Fantasy, if you look at the video below you can clearly see the big difference from Play Station version, besides from the graphic changes they will have a change on the battle system, from the looks it wont be turn by turn is going to be live action battle.

“We realize how special Final Fantasy VII is to fans, and we place our trust in Unreal Engine 4 technology and tools to help deliver this long-awaited remake, crafted for modern platforms,”

From an article I read from GameSpot it looks like the game will be developed using Unreal Engine 4,which I have talked about before, and yes we can tell the great graphics this game will have, I cant think of another engine that can be used to develop a game as cool as Final Fantasy.  We have seen how UE4 can bring to life NES characters to the new generation consoles, and I think this Final Fantasy was due to a remake. I have played many Final Fantasy game, more recently Final Fantasy Explorers for 3Ds and Bravely Default and well they both have been good games so I know this FFVII will be a great addition to the Final Fantasy and Square Enix line.



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