Minecraft Combat Update 1.9

Minecraft just got a new update that for some reason I forgot to mention. The new update 1.9 will add holding items in both hands, this can be really cool if we can hold a torch in one hand and an axe, a pick or any other tool on the other one, I like this because there are times I like to just dig and not want to put torches out until I’m sure this is the right place to mine, once I find the perfect mining spot then I set camp. This update not just only allows you to hold items on each hand, but like the name says it, Combat Update, it will allow you to wield a shield, but the main thing is the combat mechanic which will make fighting a lot better, not sure if I’m that interested on combat but hey is anew update and it also brings other stuff.

Items that were added with this update are, shields, new mob shulker which was mentioned months ago, new blocks like purpur and end rock, igloos, new kind of arrows, special attacks for swords, and many other cool stuff. The only thing I hope it improves is the combat with mobs, not just the player vs player, I know shields will help a lot, more when we walk into a mine and find that skeleton and nothing to block their arrows. Check the Mojang site for more details and a full list with all the new updates and enhancements.



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