Celebi Pokemon Distribution Month!

February ended and I’m sure many of us were not able to get Mew, it was hard since it seems it wasnt well planned and not enough cards were distributed among all GameStop, and those who got enough gave more than one card to people, I even found some people selling their cards online, I mean people do what they want with their cards but man, this distribution was not my favorite, as far as organization wise. Now this month Celebi will be a lot different, this time we can get Celebi from our home, just connect to the internet and go to Mystery Gift , and that is all, just go pick Celebi up at your nearest Poke-Center and you have yourself a new Mythical Pokemon! Celebi will be just like Mew at level 100 with the following moves: Confusion, Recover, Heal Bell and Safeguard. Enjoy, there are 9 more to come!


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