The Walking Dead S.6 Ep.11 (spoiler review)

Well this was a good episode for sure, new friends, new enemies and a whole new adventure is coming their way. From last episode we saw Rick and Daryl finding “Jesus” and bringing him to Alexandria. Jesus wakes up and goes into Rick’s room to talk to him. Carl sees him on the stairs and points him with a gun, Jesus was kept tied up in a different abandoned house, when Rick and the rest question him he tells them how he escaped from the room he left them, he tells them what he found in their camp, goof and weapon wise then explains where he comes from and what he was doing outside. When he tells them about his settlement they want to go see it but are worried is a trap.

Rick and the rest get on the RV, Rick explains to Carl about him and Michonne, but Carl is ok with it, he tells Rick he is staying to protect the town just in case. They all take off, while driving they find a wreck, Jesus tell them is one of their people and they need to help him, Rick feels something is fishy, still he decides to help whoever is in trouble. When they get off the RV they look for survivors, they are all inside a small building, but since Rick still not trusting Jesus, he gets handcuffed while everyone goes inside and Maggie stays outside watching over Jesus.

After a few minutes Rick and the rest of his team find the rest of Jesus team, they all are ok, they are taken with them to their camp.  While in the road Abraham questions Glenn about having the baby on times like this, he explains this is part of rebuilding a better civilization. Among Jesus’ friends, there is a Dr., Glenn asks him for prenatal meds for Maggie. When they arrive at the camp, they all get off walk to the door and are greeted by guys using handmade spears, Jesus explains to them who they are and they are let in to the camp. They all are taken to the main house where Gregory the man in charge will meet them.

Once inside they decide Maggie needs to talk to him, when talking, Gregory seemed to kind of hit on Maggie just like the Alexandria guy did in the comic. They try to negotiate but since Gregory knows Rick’s camp has nothing to offer he sends them off. When they are about to leave a group of survivors walk in telling them he has a message for Gregory from Negan, he then pulls a knife, stabs Gregory, Rick and his team fight him off while Rick was about to get killed, Michonne distracts the guy and Rick cuts his throat.

Everything is explained to Rick’s team on who is Negan and why the guy tried to kill Gregory, at that time is when Daryl and Michonne tell Jesus they will get rid of Negan if they agree to a trade of goods. Gregory is in a room recovering, he then calls Maggie in to talk, they both agree to trade as long as they can get rid of Negan but Maggie switches her offer and ask for half what they have in order for her team to kill Negan, she explains what they have encounter and what they have done to get rid of older enemies, she explains either that or Negan is all yours, and he will continue to come until you have nothing and get killed, Gregory has no choice but to agree.

The episode ends with them taking all the good they got from The Hilltop camp, Jesus makes a funny remark to Rick telling him that Negan has never been able to take that much from them, and ask Rick to take him along with him, this ends the episode opening for a whole new adventure coming for Rick’s team.


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