New Pokemon Games Rumor!(updated)


Pokemon Sun/Moon

UPDATE: It has been announced, the new Pokemon Games will be Sun and Moon, no information yet on starters or anything else, but check this Facebook site for screenshots on what was captured from the Pokemon Direct Live event this morning. Check this link for oficial site and  for a teaser video.

Some information has been leaked about the possibly upcoming Pokemon titles this has not been confirmed yet but from the source it seems legit. The new titles that re rumored to be announced tomorrow are Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, again this are only rumors, it may not be the new games, but the article I read is from Polygon and I feel confident the information is correct, lets keep our fingers crossed and hope this is true. If its trued I hope is not a remake of an older game, we need new games, new Pokemon, from the titles I can guess that Sun may be about Volcanion and Moon about Magearna, but who knows, lets wait until tomorrow and find out.



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