Pokemon Direct 2-26-16!

Today is the last day for us Pokemon fans to get a hold of the Mew card event from GameStop, if you haven’t done so you need to hurry up and stop at your near GameStop store and ask for the Mew card. The Mew comes with Pound, is the only move but at level 100, I went to 5 stores and on the 5th one I was able to get a card, so I know many of you may not get a hold of one, the good thing is that the next Pokemon the rest of the year will be available via WiFi distribution.

On other news, there will be a Pokemon Direct on February 26th, just a day before the 20th Anniversary, and from what it has been said, this will be great news for all Pokemon Fans, the question is, what kind of news are we getting, if its Big News, what can it be? Pokemon Z? if not Z then maybe the next Pokemon game, or perhaps Pokemon Go release date? It was first said this year was a great year for Pokemon since it marks their 20th Anniversary, so we can expect more news year round, so we still have 10 more month for more surprises, in the meantime mark your calendars, Friday Feb 26th at 7 am PST, 8 am CST and 10 am EST, on the Nintendo site and I’m sure Twitch may air it, I may be wrong on this, but regardless of that I am ready for whatever news they may have for us.



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