The Walking Dead Season 6, Ep.10 (spoiler)

This week’s episode was a bit strange, well not really strange but it looks like they skipped a big chunk from the comic, I understand they may not be able to do as much as they have on the comic but maybe give a bit of explanation or some small webisodes so we can stay up to date or at least so we can know what happened in the time Carl got shot and when he started to recover. Besides that the episode was ok, it starting to give us hints about Negan coming into the picture and how they start to leave Alexandria.

The episode starts off showing Carl has recovered, and from what it looks like Michonne finally living with Rick and have a relationship. Rick and Daryl take off on a supply run, the nurse ask Daryl to get some specific items for her girlfriend, once they leave they are given a map made by Eugene, showing the closest farms and locations where they can find supplies. Once they leave they find a gas station with a garage locked down, when they open it, it looked like they hit the jack-pot, a truck fully loaded with supplies, at that point I felt it was way too easy to be true and I was right. After they leave with the truck, they stopped at another location in which the found a vending machine with some other stuff inside, when they flipped it up they got bumped by a stranger, and from there it all went downhill.

This new guy who goes by the name Jesus or at least that is what he said people call him, bumped into Rick out of nowhere, and warned them about walkers coming their way, he says they are about 10 min from them, while talking Rick wants to start asking him the recruit questions to see if he qualifies, but he doesn’t seem interested, and leaves, Daryl questions Rick but when talking they hear some “gun shots”, when they go investigate they see firecrackers, and realized it was a distractions, Daryl tells Rick about the truck keys and they were missing and the guy took off with the truck. Later on they were able to track him, fight him to the ground and recovered the truck, but not for long.

In the meantime Michonne sees Deanna’s kid (Spencer) walk out the town, she follows him to find out why, also in the woods Carl and the girl see Michonne and Spencer  walk by, Carl then sees some walkers, in them is DeAnna turned into a walker, he lures her to Michonne, he understand why they are out there. When Michonne and Spencer see her they both put Deanna walker to rest. Michonne did notice what Carl did and confronts him back in town but he explains why he did it and Michonne hugs him. While that happen Rick and Daryl left the guy tied up in the middle of the road, but he is able to escape and when they are driving Daryl knows he is on top, Rick hits the brakes making the guy fall down.

When the guy falls they start fighting, Rick move the truck trying to corral the guy but in the process the guy gets inside the truck, when we think he is about to shot Daryl he tells him to duck and shoots the walker behind him. After all the struggle the truck is put on neutral making it move back and sink into the lake, losing all their food, the guy got hit by the truck’s door while moving back. Rick tells Daryl to take him with them. IN the time they drive back I felt the guy was faking being knocked out to see where they live but ended up not waking up at all. They arrive to Alexandria, take the new guy to the nurse, and episode ends when Michonne gets her candy and a piece of Rick, finally them two hooked up!


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