February Star Wars Update!

Star Wars Battlefront is having a new update today, and not just an update this update is 4.4GB big. This will add new maps, star card balance and other balance on weapons, tweaking damage and other new additions. There is a new mission added called “survival in the Ice caves, and a new map for Supremacy, Turning Point, Fighting Squadron, Drop Zone and Heroes vs Villains, this new map is called “Twilight”.

Now as far as weapons tweaks, they added 10% more damage to vehicles that will help me when playing Walker Assault, I tend to use torpedoes and usually my normal weapon to attack land or flying vehicles. Other weapons that received upgrade are Barrage which now does 55 damage instead of 50. Bowcaster now does 15 damage per projectile boosted from 10 and the explosion radius was dropped from 3 to 2.5m, which is not as bad but still any decrease on power is never good. As far as air vehicles, the A-Wing hit box has been increased which will allow people to bring them down a bit easier, I have found myself chasing A-Wings and I know for sure I’m hitting them because I see the cross aim right on them and don’t register no damage, so I will have to test this and see how good the increase was.

Another update that I do hope works better and faster is the time to join matches, the time per-round went from 30 seconds to 20 seconds, I guess this is debatable, some people use the extra 10 seconds to add new cards, or upgrade their weapons, not sure how much time is needed for this, but well it may be good and bad for others. These are only a few of the updates; you can find the whole list in this GameSpot Article, also check the official Star Wars Battlefront site.



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