Grand Theft Auto V VR

Virtual Reality games have come a long way, from Nintendo’s Virtual Boy to now companies like Oculus and others using this technology more and more to get us in the action of the video game, a movie or just a simple video from YouTube. As we progress more and more in technology VR games become more fascinating, I have watched movie trailers and the more recently was a preview from Mockingjay Part 2, which makes you feel to be part of the actual movie. But the blog here is about an article I found in Engadget, someone created a version, well actually someone added gestures to the GTA V game to be playable in VR, and well I think this is really cool.

Imagine playing GTA in VR, I think some parts may be nice to play in VR but others not so much. Since VR is almost real, I would think not everyone can play this kind of games due to graphic nature and well we all know how GTA can be. Imagine flying and jumping from the plane in midair, or driving super-fast and jumping a building, well there are many thing I would like to do in VR, and many others not so pleasant to do, but just imagine the possibilities. I’m no expert but a game like this may help some people with stress, or just making themselves feel part of the game can be great experience. All I want is for more horror game that are close to real thing to become available for VR, imagine a horror VR game with surround sound, yeah it will be creepy.



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