Disney Star Wars Experience

I was checking Engadget site to read about the possibly new Galaxy pone and stumbled upon other more interesting news that I had wanted to talk but for some reason I forgot. And this is about Star Wars Experience Theme Park in Disneyland. I know these images are just concept, but this has already started construction and may take some years to build but the idea to have a Star Wars Theme Park is really cool. From the article I read they state that we could have “complete control” of the Millennium Falcon, now complete control sound like too much, I’m sure it will be some 3D game or some virtual reality game, the issue is, how many people can ride it at once? Maybe have a crew, some pilot and some crew members to use the guns? Yup I can see my Han Solo, Luke, Chewbacca and C3P0 crew already.

This Star Wars Experience will be great, I can already see the lines to go visit this park, I know not everyone is a Star Wars fan, but I can see new people starting to like it now that Disney is in charge of the movies, I may be wrong but I’m sure this park will be great. I can just see what all is going to be included, or what I want in it, not sure how much from the previous movies will be included, but one of every movies should be there. Imagine pod racing, destroying the Death Star, fighting in Jakku, yes I’m already excited and can’t wait for this, I have many friends that are excited as I’m and I hope there are many more out there getting ready for this.



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