(Spoiler)The Walking Dead Season 6 Ep.9 No Way Out!

After several months waiting for this new 2nd phase from season 6, we finally got the newest episode, it was a Happy Valentine’s day for me. From what I saw, this episode was one of the best of the season so far, I was not disappointed at all. Continuing from where it left off trying to escape Alexandria they got caught up in a zombie massacre, and started to introduced us to the new enemy, Negan. The first 4 minutes were already streamed on FB, I saw them last week and well it was just how the show started, bikers trying to rob Daryl and them but thanks to Daryl they escaped blowing the enemy to pieces using the rocket launcher!

Im going to try and make this short. Rick and the others try to get off the town to escape the overrun Alexandria, they all walk in the middle of the horde, and we can see the little boy getting scared. Meanwhile in other parts of the town we see Carol getting up from the fight she had with Morgan, and he is told about the wolf escaping and taking the nurse. They both are seeing trying to escape in between the horde and the darkness of night. We then see Glenn at the church with the girl trying to find a way to help the town and save Maggie from the zombies trying to knock her down.

Rick and the rest make it halfway, father Gabriel takes the baby to the church and tells Rick to go on and get the truck and come back for them. When they start to move and father Gabriel makes it to the church, the little boy starts to remember what Carol told him and starts to get scared, due to that walkers sense him and start chewing his head, followed by his mom, when Rick sees there is no way back and she won’t let go of Carl he cuts her hand. We then see her other boy the older one grabbing Carl’s gun that he dropped when he fell, and points at Rick for letting his mom die, Rick then glances at Michonne like telling her, kill him, and when she does that he shoots one bullet which make it to Carl’s eye, yup just like the comic.

While that happens Carol and Morgan have a short talk about their feelings towards each other, how Carol regrets not killing him, she then sees the wolf and the nurse trying to escape which thanks to the wolf she almost gets bitten, but I think after so much talking from Morgan, the wolf shows a nice side and saves her, he didn’t make it too far because Carol shoots him from the balcony. The nurse then makes it to the infirmary, when they get inside they see from the window Rick and Michonne running towards them with Carl on their hands. When the nurse starts to do surgery on him Rick steps out and they start the zombie massacre.

The rest of the town sees them from the window not knowing what to do, Michonne follows her, then everyone else close to them, while they are killing the walkers Glenn and the girl manage to move some walkers from Maggie’s tower, when all hope seems lost from Glenn, Daryl and the rest show up and save his life. At that point we start seeing all the Alexandria residents come out to help take over their town back, father Gabriel tells the residents, we wanted to be saved, well God has given us the strength to save ourselves, and he steps out to help. This part was really cool, just like the comic they save themselves from the walkers.

Episode end with Rick talking to Carl, telling him how much he wishes he was ok and all he wanted to do with the new city to provide for them. Then we see how Carl moves his finder trying to squeeze Rick’s hand. What did you think of this episode? I thought it was really good, just hope the action of this new phase of season 6 was  not all put in one episode and the rest are boring, guess well see.

Sneak Peak from Next Episode Feb 21st!


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