New Pokemon: Magearna!

Since this year is the Pokemon’s  20th Anniversary we should expect big news from them, one of them I wish they could announce soon is the Pokemon Go App but even if they were going to release it soon I’m sure we wouldn’t be told anything until a few days maybe weeks to the release date. But anyways  the news I want to share with you today, and some of you may already know, we will be having a 722nd Pokemon added to the list, and this Pokemon is names Magearna, it is an artificial Pokemon created by humans about 500 years ago, at least that is what is mentioned on the Pokemon Site.

This are some good news, newer Pokemon can mean a new game may be coming out soon as well. Now that we have 2 new Pokemon Volcanion and now Magearna it feels more and more like a new game is about to be announced, it it may just be new Pokemon and that’s it. This new Pokemon will debut on a new Pokemon movie to be expected to released later this year. Lets stay up to date on these great news, maybe just maybe we will have Pokemon Go soon!



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