Nintendo 2nd app info!


Over the last week there were some rumors online about the next possible game coming from mobile devices from Nintendo, we know that the next Nintendo app won’t be a chat app like Miitomo, it has been said this will be an actual game and it will start a very familiar face.

“The second game won’t be another communication app, and we plan to adopt one of our characters that fans are very familiar with,” Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima said.”

What does this means? Well the next Nintendo app will be a game with one of the most famous or most well-known character, who can this be? As well all know Nintendo face is basically Mario, he has been one of the most well-known characters from Nintendo, we all have our favorite character but most  of us are really familiar that when Nintendo name comes out we think about Mario, at least I think that way, most of the main games include him in it. There are other favorite characters I can think of, like Link, Luigi, Bowser, many others that have brought Nintendo to life for the longest. In the meantime, Nintendo has released even more information about the Miitomo app, starting February 17th, people can pre-register for a Miitomo account using the an existing email, social media account or current Nintendo Network ID, this will allow people to be notified when the app is released in the coming month, if you pre-register you will get some bonuses for doing so. For now I’m looking forward to this Miitomo app and see how good it will be.








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