Dying light bigger than expected

The new Dying Light expansion came out last week on February 6th, named The Following, with a newer areas to roam and from what I read on GameSpot this area is twice as big as the original, and well this was to be expected, if we are going be allowed to use sand buggies then I’m sure the area has to be big enough for it to be worth the drive, similar to Dead Island on which you were able to use cars or pick-ups to drive around, the only difference is that Dead Island is well as the name says it, in an Island so there were terrains on which you couldn’t drive the truck so even though the map was not super big, it was big enough to drive a truck around.  It has been said the game will have many opportunities to use your parkour skills and driving one.

The original content was good, even though the actual story line felt too short for me, I spent most of my times leveling up my character just in case I was to run into harder enemies in the future but ended up spending way too much time into it doing side missions that by the time I continue the story line I was at 90% completion.  The new DLC is $20, it may not be much but if I’m not mistaken I remember it was said this expansion was going to be free, that is the reason this game has stayed on my hard drive,  now weeks before the actual released I find out it will be for a fee, now if you get the Season Pass to get future released included, I think Season Pass is more worth the value, now if you don’t have the game and want this DLC then purchase the Enhanced Edition which is the original game with The Following DLC and all other expansions that have been released since the game came out. I have not purchased the DLC, if you have please let us known what you think of it.




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