Overwatch Beta with new updates!

Overwatch a game created or in development by Blizzard, yup the same ones from WoW and Hearthstone. This beta game was released to some people only a few months back, the game is another shooting game well at least that is how I see it. Since beta games are only out for a short period of time, this game is back one more time with a few more changes. This new beta has more options for us player to change, it seems like the new progression and reward system has been changed, as stated by Jeff Kaplan Game Director

“We landed on a progression system that’s been a lot of fun in our internal testing,” game director Jeff Kaplan told Polygon in an interview. “You as a player have a level, a single level for your whole Overwatch play experience.”

One thing I like from the new updates is that players will be able to level up and gain experience just by playing, which is good given the fact that many people are just not that good at playing shooter games, now the question is how much XP is gain per match? Many games already do provide xp just by playing, but the amount is the main thing that will keep people playing the game, about the level, well there is no level cap, not sure how much xp is to level up each time. Another thing I like is that every time a player levels up, they will be rewarded with loot crates which will contains items from common to rare and legendary. The new updates I think will make the game something really cool, to be honest I was not really into this game, to me it seemed more like any other fps game but made by Blizzard, but now I take that back and I will be ready for the full release and jump into action. For full details about newest update for the game check this article from Polygon.



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