H1Z1 splitting into 2 games!

Over the weekend there was some information from Daybreak about their H1Z1 game, a zombie survival game that has been played a lot! This game is still in early-access meaning is not finished just yet. This game similar to Dayz, has the survival mode now names Just Survive on which you play against other players and zombies in order to survive as long as possible, and then it has the other side, which they call the King of the Hill, which seems to be a mode that many people play, and consist on players killing each other and be the last one standing, which currently gives you packages that can be used in the Survival mode.

As of now those who have purchased the game will have both of them once it splits in February 17th. Right now the game is on sale in Steam with 25% off for $14.99 and you can still have both of them if you buy them now. Once the game splits, each will cost $20, so if you want to have both and wait until the games split, you will end up paying $40 + taxes, so right now is the right time if you want to get access to these games. I have checked Twitch H1Z1 channel and most of the people playing this game play the King of the Hill mode, I’m honestly more into the Just Survive mode both both have their advantages, so as mentioned, if you want to make you r money worth then go buy the game now.



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