Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens

It has been almost 2 months since The Force Awakens was released and well it still a must see at the movies. The movie was really good, a great start for a new saga and new characters, and of course like always gamers like us wait patiently on the video game. It was been announced by TT and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment with a teaser video that Star Wars The Force Awakens will be releasing their Lego video game in June 28th, 2016. Check the video below, it is basically a teaser trailer mocking the Star Wars The Force Awakens original trailer, of course Lego style. As of now the only information gathered is that the game will have playable characters like Han Solo, Kylo Ren,  BB-8 and other main characters. The game will be released for all consoles including PC. It is said there will be special content that will close the gap between episode VI and VII, I think it will be related to Jakku and other battles that took place in order to get to episode VII.






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