Battalion 1944 New WWII Game

When we talk about shooting games, I think right away about Call of Duty, but not the newer games, I think about its roots, World War 2 games, those to me were the best CoD games, maybe because I like history a lot or maybe the fact that not so many perks, many scopes for all weapons and extra powerful guns were available for it, it was just pure skills. Well I recently read an article about a new upcoming game, Battalion 1944, made using Unreal Engine 4. The game is on pre-alpha, so is not completed, the game is actually in development and they have a Kickstarter page for all those who like to help out, you can guarantee a copy of the game by pleading £13 (Around $18 USD) there are more rewards of course, the more you pledge the more you get. Check out the page and see if you like it.





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