Mario Maker Wallpaper Maker to PC and Mobile


It has now been 4 months since the launch of Mario Maker to the Wii U and we now received information that the Mario Maker Wall paper creator will be transitioning to the PC and mobile. The article I read from Polygon mentions how the game, if it can be called a game, is more of an app or software, maybe program, will be expanding to PC and Mobile, this will allow you to create wallpapers for the PC and for mobile, allowing you to create them with various pixel resolutions for those phones with smaller screens. The program is in Japanese, but according to the article it can be easy to follow without even understanding the language, all you have to do is select the platform to which you are creating this for and then select the tools and images you like to add to it. The only downside will be that you will not be able to play that map in your pc or mobile, but you can always make it available for the Wii U. I’m not sure if this is a great app/software to have since is all wallpapers but well I’m sure someone will find it a good use.





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