Final Fantasy Explorers Review/Spoiler


Final Fantasy Explorers

So I was able to download and play Final Fantasy Explorers this weekend with not so many distractions and here is a bit of what I like and disliked the game. The game is not big at all when downloading from the eShop, is about 5k blocks (5021), which it seems to be about 627MB, not sure why the size so small, one thing I did notice is the lack of 3D effects, I’m not far into the game but what I have played has no 3D effects, at least not yet. The game is about crystals, yup just like Bravely Default, well I’m sure since BD is basically another Final Fantasy game with another game, that is why the similarity. (Spoiler/review ahead)

The dialog is brief and to the point, that is what I like, no need to spend 5 minutes reading text just to know you have to go to a cave and beat a dragon right? Game play so far is alright, like I said is another Final Fantasy so you have to go kill monsters, collect items and craft weapons, armor and other stuff. You get to create or bring some creatures to life and make them your companion. I see why some people said the game is a bit boring, not necessarily boring but repetitive. I have taken a few quest and have to repeat most of them, kill 5 of this 4 of that, and so on. One of the things I like is the ability to do a makeover on your main character, other games you are stuck with the main character unless you decide to start a new game.

I like looking at the blacksmith which helps you create new armor, weapons and other stuff, which is cool to make my character look cool. He can also help you upgrade your current equipment, but of course it cost you some CP and items found in the world. The best thing I like from this game is the multiplayer feature, either online with 3 other players or local with your friends.  It is not explained in the tutorial how to start a multiplayer quest, I thought of everything except the obvious, have your friend click on your name and accept the quest, yup I had a DUH! moment. While playing multiplayer is really cool, whoever starts the local/online room gets to pick what kind of quests to play, who can choose quests and other really cool stuff, even how many people you want in your team, this is really good for times you need to beat that powerful enemy.

Besides all that, the game has kept me occupied, it is a bit boring having to repeat most quest as mentioned earlier, but is not as bad because each quest gives you different rewards, some items or money to upgrade or create new items. The game can be fun alone but if you play multiplayer it will be a lot better, like I said, you will find those powerful enemies and you will need all the help you can get. If you have not decided if to get it or not I hope this blog can help you decide, also check online for walkthroughs and see if this is the game for you.


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