RE Umbrella Corps news


A date has been set for the next Resident Evil installment, Umbrella Corps, and that date is May 2016. For those who are not familiar with this game, well is kind of like Operation Raccoon City and CoD. When the game was first announced I had some hope for it, I thought it was going to be the best RE game ever, I mean I know is not even out yet and may be focusing my opinion on some videos but judging from the video below I can say is not going to be the best game ever. The Operation Raccoon city was not the best game, in fact many of my friends that played the game thought the game was lame, (this was our opinion) but then again there were people that really liked it.

After I saw this video it reminded me so much of Operation Raccoon City, the only difference that I could see is the locations the action takes place. IN Operation Raccoon City it kind o had a campaign in which the main characters play behind the RE2, like what is going on while Leon and Claire are trying to escape the city.  In Umbrella Corps you play with a group of friends in stages that were part of the previous game; the video below shows a group of people against another one in the village from RE4, to be honest that size of map is really small for a showdown. So you fight against another team to see who is the best, of course the obstacle in the game is having the zombies, or ganados attacking you while engaging in the fight.

The only part of the game I think it will be ok is the, The Experiment, which seems to be more like Zombie U and those kind of game in a more modern shooting game. You are sent in a mission and from what the video shows, you fight against zombies, mutant dogs, and other umbrella experiments and the point of this is to survive to be the best, it looks ok, I always wanted a game like this, not sure how good it may be, there was Umbrella Chronicles for Wii which was similar. Lets wait until more information is released from this game and see if it can bet better than Operations Raccoon City.



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