New Twilight Princess HD Info

The new Zelda Twilight Princess HD is almost out, the confirmed release date is set to be March 4th! This is really good news for all us Zelda fans that have been waiting for this game. As mentioned previously from a Polygon article, the game will come with new features due to the addition of Amiibo compatibility; this will not only unlock new content to the game but will also add extra cool features. The Amiibo will allow you to enter an exclusive dungeon, which if you enter to fight a boss inside this dungeon with Link carrying his large wallet, it supposed to upgrade it to an infinite wallet, I think this is pretty cool. How many of us have been playing the game and even when using the large wallet still run into more rupees even after spending good money on ammo like bombs, arrows and stuff, I can say I run into this issue, mainly in A Link Between Worlds, but that’s another game.

I read an article from GameSpot and the information shared here is pretty cool, the game which will come with Wolf Link and Midna Amiibo will also add support for 2 existing Amiibo figures. The other 2 Amiibos are Toon Link which will replenish your arrows and Zelda and Sheik which will replenish your hearts once scanned, this 2 I don’t think are needed, it feels to me more like cheating, if you are dying in a fight and you scan Zelda and replenish your hearts then is not fun, I mean using a fairy is the same thing but keeping your items in check making space for a fairy in an empty jar is not an easy task when you can carry green potion or milk, but then again that is just my opinion.

Another cool thing I read in the GameSpot article is how the saved data from the Twilight Princess to the Amiibo will carry over the new The Legend of Zelda game, this to me sounds like any data saved will allow you to perhaps unlock, or carry items from one game to another. Remember Oracle of Season and Ages? Also the Resident Evil 2 Leon and Claire? Well it sounds to me similar to those games, in which you save a completed game and that saved file affects or allows you to do different things on the second game, which would be really cool, let’s wait until more information is out and then we can discuss that.

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