Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass Info!


New information has been released on the Star Wars Battlefront Season pass. Four DLC maps will be available throughout 2016 and one of them until 2017 according to the article from IGN. From what I read the first DLC will be available in March, so about 2 months, the DLC called Outer Rim will allow you to fight in the Sullust factories and inside Jabba’s Palace, I’m sure this will bring good old memories from the older films. The next DLC Cloud City of Bespin is scheduled to be released on 2016’s 2nd quarter, so I say around April-June, more than likely around June after a 3 month mark for the first DCL. The 3rd DLC Death Star will be released in the 3rd quarter so around July-September, like the previous one I think they will give it a 3 month mark. And the final DLC will not be released until early 2017, I say maybe around January, I don’t think they can go more than 4 months with no new content, but who knows. And lastly EA also mentioned that an addition to the $50 DLC Season Pass, we all will be getting free new content update for the game, which will include Hoth outfits for Heroes, new tweaks, players can create private matches, daily challenges, and other things, for more info click here. I think this free update is good for us all, I wish the game balancing was better, I have played in occasions with a team of low level players against an all high level group, this makes the balance unfair for all of us that have not unlocked the better weapons. I hope more free content and updates come faster to keep enjoying this great game.



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