New Pikachu Game

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In recent news along with the 20th Pokemon Anniversary coming up it was announced in Japan that a new 3Ds game from the Pokemon Company will be released in February 3rd, and which game is this? Well the translation from the title comes to be in English as “Great Detective Pikachu”, the title may change if released in North America, and yes detective Pikachu you read it right, Pikachu will be a detective on this new game. From what I read in The Verge article, the game will focus on solving cases as Pikachu, yes Pikachu, they also stated that Pikachu will be able to talk, yup you read it right Pikachu will be able to talk, I’m not sure how I feel about Pikachu talking, I mean so many years hearing him say pika all the time. There is a video but is no in English, as stated, the game will be released in Japan on February 3rd for the 3Ds as a digital download, if it does come to the USA or North America, I will have to see reviews first, or some game play because im not so sure about this game, hey it may be cool but I don’t know just yet.



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