Nintendo NX New Info



Nintendo NX

There have been many rumors on what the Nintendo NX Will be, what it will look like, what it will support and well I’m sure we have heard other rumors as well. But recently there was some information released or leaked not sure what exactly happened, that list some information, some of which we already knew, or at least I think we should have already known this information since is one of the main features mentioned on the NX system. But other information was also shown that some of us probably didn’t know. For example, in the image below we can see about the system supporting 4K/60fps stream, that is really awesome coming from a Nintendo console. Surf the web and make video calls from the TV, this is a new feature I wasn’t aware of, and if it does do this I think this will be great. Game graphics at 900p/60fps, and if I’m not mistaken then this will be HD, but not as good as Xbox One and PS4, and from what it was mentioned before, it was said that the NX would be much better than those 2 other consoles.

The NX will have like newer consoles achievements, I think people that started with the Xbox 360 and PS3 are used to this, and some people take this achievement and trophy thing very serious. Other feature that we already do with the Mii system is to keep in contact with people from around the globe, maybe they will be adding the Miitomo app and merge it with the NX? And the obvious, game flow between NX console and NX handheld, which we already knew, this is the one we have heard so much, been able to play from the NX to the handheld NX. One of my concerns is the size of the handheld and if it will really be a true wireless handheld, unlike the Wii U remote that has to be within certain feet for it to work. There still time before the NX is actually release, with so little information out and what is out is mainly rumors, I’m not sure this system will be out this year, but let’s wait until Super Bowl Commercial time and see what we can see then.





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