Magic TG Puzzle Game

I know this game Magic The Gathering Puzzle Game has been out for a few months now but I just had a chance to play it for a couple of weeks and well so far the game has been really good. For those who have not played it, well the game is similar to bejeweled mixed with MTG. During the game you have to match 3 or more of the same mana “jewels” or crystal balls in order to provide mana for your monsters. The monsters are just like the MTG game, they are cards that are set aside for you to summon/cast them to defeat your enemy.

The cards are not all there available from the beginning, you have to match several mana crystals in order to draw card them and put them on your “hand”. The monsters are similar to the actual game with power ranging from 1-2 and having defenders, so far I have seen 2 with defense at 3 and 5. While in the game like I mentioned, you have to match 3 or more same color mana to cast cards, well the same board you use to match mana, is the same your enemy uses, so you have to keep an eye to not leave open crystals for the opponent to take advantage on.

Your Planeswalker plays a big role in your quest to defeat enemies as well. Every time you play the game either win or lose you get some in game credit that can be used to level up your Planeswalker or to purchase new booster packs. By leveling your Planeswalker you power him/her up either by increasing the HP or giving it abilities. When in the game there are other crystals you can match which will boost your Planeswalker power, is good to cast monsters but if you know your Planeswalker power then go ahead and match the special crystals, you can have abilities such as drawing extra cards or use special powers.  One more thing, if you click on your Planewalker picture when playing the game, you will get some really good information, like what mana colors are needed to draw cards, so keep an eye on that. This game is a freemium, free to play and download but with micro-transactions to buy new cards and gold to purchase bundles. I tested the game and I am pleased with it, give it a try and see if you like it. This game is available for iOS and Android devices.


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