Attack on Titan PS4 game


For quite some time I have been putting this blog aside and have no idea why. I have read many articles about this game, I have seen several videos and I have or had some really good info on it but for some reason I keep putting to the side, so I think is now or never. Attack on Titan game is based on the anime/manga with the same name, the plot of the anime/manga is about surviving humans living behind walls protecting themselves from the Titans, which are well like the title says Titans, huge humanoids that for some reason just want to eat humans. The actual anime is really good, even though I have not finish watching it all I can say that what I have seen is really good and it wont disappoint you. This new game Attack on Titan developed by Koei Tecmo will be released in Japan on Feb 18th and will be available for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Below is a 4 min video showing what will be expected from the game, lets hope this is better than the 3Ds title they had out enjoy!




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