Nintendo 1st mobile app: Miitomo



Well there seem to be news on the first game/app from Nintendo to the mobile world, and to be honest to me is not good news, I mean it could be better but  well here is their first app/game that Will be launch in March 2016. I know there had been images online about what could possibly be the first game/app and well it was right, the first game/app from Nintendo to the mobile world will be a kind of chat/messenger app called Miitomo. This app is supposed to expand the Mii communication with other Mii users. The images from the article I read, show a chat window similar to text screen but shows the persons Mii that you are talking to.  Even though this is not the game/app I was thinking off, I can say this will be an ok app, I’m sure it can be used for all those friends that we have that live far away, no need to be near your Wii U to talk to them, now you can talk to them on the Go. Now is this a game/app other people were thinking about? Is this going to satisfy our Nintendo urge to be on mobile? We have to wait and find out, maybe by the time it actually is release they may make it worth it and update it from what we are seeing on these screenshots.



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