Cities Skyline: Snowfall DLC


If you have been playing Cities Skyline and have enjoyed the After Dark update then let me tell you that Paradox Interactive will be releasing soon a new DLC for it, this time even though it may be a little late but anything is always good, the DLC Snowfall will add weather effects, mainly focusing on snow weather. This time you will need to make sure you have enough electricity at night due to cold weather people will crank the heather up. Outside you need to make sure you have the right road conditions by keeping the road clear from snow using snowplow and providing good public transportation to allow people to move around. Beside the snow addition there will be other weather changes like fog and rain.

I can say this update will add more challenges to the game, we have to make sure the electricity demand is just correct, before this update I was thinking, well at night people sleep so they don’t use much power, now is going to be about keeping them warm at night and during day keeping the road clear, I wonder if they will ever add road accidents? I mean they have robberies and fire on houses and sick people, maybe someone will read this blog and consider it? Who knows, but in the meantime lets enjoy the After Dark expansion and wait for more news on the Snowfall DLC.




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