Mario Kart N64 to Wii U

There have been many games from N64, SNES and other vintage consoles coming to the Wii U Virtual Console, and even though there are already newer version of those games on the Wii U system, I think the main reason to move older games to the virtual console is the nostalgic feeling. How many of us play newer games like CoD, Battlefield and other shooting games but still like to go back to Golden Eye just to remember how much fun that was? I can say I do.  Well a new addition to the Wii U Virtual Console is Mario Kart N64, this game was one of those games that my friends and I used to play after school, we used to go rent a N64 and play all together, and well this games is great. Even as I mentioned there are better version with newer content, old school games like this will never be forgotten.



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