Pokemon 20th Anniversary News!

As you may know this year is the 20th anniversary since Pokemon was first released in video game, and to celebrate this big milestone The Pokemon Company has many things for us Pokemon Fans. As I mentioned earlier on my blogs, the first of them was the comeback of the original games Red/Blue/Yellow, and along with them a 2Ds version of them, just a basic color system. Well just today I came upon an article from IGN with much more information that I know you will like to hear.

First the New Nintendo 3Ds will have a bundle, which will include both games Red and Blue pre-installed and 2 face plates with Charizard and Blastoise for your new system. On February 7th Pokemon will air a commercial during the Super Bowl, which I know many of us will be excited to watch, the commercial is said to encourage fans to Train On! What does that mean? Maybe news about the Pokemon Go game? Who knows, let’s wait until Feb 7th for it. And as I mentioned earlier as well, the re-launch of the original Pokemon card will reach North America, with a new expansion for the TCG the Mythical Pokemon Collection.

Toys’ R Us will offer 2 Pokemon cards, Pikachu and Magikarp on Feb 27th as well as activity books and posters. Also throughout 2016 GameStop will hold Pokemon events to distribute Mew, Darkrai, Arceus and Genesect. If you think that is all, well The Pokemon Company will also release 12 animated movies to iTunes, Google Play and Amazon including remastered original Pokemon Movie 2000. Looks like this year is going to be a great year for all Pokemon Fans, we will have new consoles, special editions, new cards, new toys so let’s get this year started and come on February 27th we are ready!



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