Cities Skyline: My city!


Cities skyline has been out for some time I started playing the game about a year ago and since like any other game I play, I have addicted times and then I take a break. Last time I played this game was right before the After Dark expansion and til then I had enjoyed the game. When the After Dark expansion came out they added more options of course the day and night phase plus many others. The actual game play stayed the same for most of the part, night mode added some nice features that I enjoy so much, and of course this helped many modders to bring new content to the game.

Now that I got back into playing the game I noticed some new features that were not part of the old update. This is mainly for those that are getting back into the game, new gamers will be fine since they are not used to the old system. One of the main things i noticed, and this could have been just me, but I noticed that all power has to be connected to a power source, either windmill or water windmill. The other addition which of course came with the night mode is the night budget, which to me seems a bit weird having to control certain things at night like school and other things, but it helps reduce the amount of money spent at night since some services are not working during night.

But back to my city, my first actual city created was a mess, and that is because I didnt follow the needs of my city, but now this new city has been doing really good, I dont build more than i need to, and try to add shops in between city just to make sure there is some business going and people dont drive far. I think about this like if it was a real city, think of my actual city i live on and from there i get ideas. Check the images below, the roads are a bit hard to manage because some roads are for certain speed limit and mainly curves are hard to do, at least for me. Check it out and tell me what you think.


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