Pocket Morty

New Adult Swim Game Will be coming to iOS and Android on January 14th, the game called Pocket Morty according to the article from Engadget, yes like Rick and Morty animated series from Adult Swim. The game will be somewhat similar to the Pokemon games. From the few images and video clips share in tweeter we can see the game it is indeed similar to Pokemon, we see both Rick and Morty walking and when passing in front of another person the “battle” scene starts, just like Pokemon, the only difference is that from the small clip we cant see if there will be “monsters” doing the battle the clip shows humans. Now the question is, is this game going to be a one-time only fee, or will it be a freemium game? Me as a Pokemon fan I can say I think I will like this game, but  I have to wait until is released and see.



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