Tom Clancy’s The Division

We all have played shooting games like CoD, Battlefield, and many others, and every new title they have new content that makes the game much better than the previous one. Even though the gameplay never changes, is always passing missions, shooting kill the bad guy and either make it to extraction or help someone. Since the game play is basically always the same, each game developer has to add or modify the game experience so that gamers like their game better than the other developers.

One of the games that in my opinion has or could do really well is the Tom Clancy’s The Division, this game has been in development by Ubisoft and other companies and branches from Ubisoft since 2013 when it was announced in E3 2013, if you see it is again another shooting game, but the way the game interacts with you, what the game allows you to do makes it “better”. First what I liked from the game was the GUI, is not so big like other games covering parts of the screen, and the map system look so cool, also when in multiplayer it shows you on top of each player their health. When a person is taking cover, in a small GUI next to the player it show you the perks you have, like ammo, grenades, it may just be me but I like it that way, it feels more interactive.  What do you think? From what has been released I like what I saw. You can pre-order the game and get access to the beta game.



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