Assassin’s Creed Movie!



I been hearing rumors about an Assassins Creed movie, which at first I was kind of curious, I wondered how would they make a movie like that, I mean not how but the plot since there are a total of 20 games, the main games and some spin-offs. When I first played the 1st game i enjoyed it, it had it flaws but it was overall a cool game, I enjoyed the whole mystery and magic involved in the medieval times mixed with super powers and all that makes assassin’s creed the cool game it is.

But then it started getting confusing, the whole plot changed and it became religious, at least it did on part 3, or it felt religious to me speaking about him destroying the orb and the future of mankind. I’m not sure if maybe I didn’t pay attention to some of the games but it seem to me that the same person had bloodlines with every single main character in the game, was it the same game trying to unlock the memories or was a new person in each different game?

Anyways, an Assassins Creed movie can be good if they focus in one story, the American Revolution with George Washington to me was one of the best, maybe because the mechanic of the games was a way better improvement form the 1st one and because some of the myths we have in America were added to it kind of explaining in a joking matter how the myth started, like big foot. There is only one image so far of the movie, showing 2 assassins, which makes me think it may be focus on Brotherhood, due to having more than one assassin, who knows, let’s wait until the movie or more information is out and see when we get more updates on this movie.


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