Final Fantasy Explorer


Finally 2016 is here and with the new year new games are coming soon, one of them is one I have been waiting for, Final Fantasy Explorers, a Square Enix game similar to Monster Hunter games in which you adventure and explore land but multiplayer. I like this kind of game because some of my friends don’t have a PC, and most of the good multiplayer games like this are mainly on PC. I know there are some on handheld but not as good as the Final Fantasy Franchise.

Currently the game is available for pre-order, the price is $39.99 USD for the standard edition, a special edition for $69.99 USD which includes a 32 page artbook, a 20 track cd, a Final Fantasy theme 3D hard case, an exclusive packing featuring artwork from Amano and it will also include a code to unlock legendary weapons only available for the western release (North America). There is also a 4 pack edition, for those friends that want to play together and want to pitch in some money, you can buy 3 and get the 4th at 50% off the regular price, which has a total of $139.96 USD, if you think about it is just a $20 discount, over all is just $5 discount per person if  friends tried to pitch in and buy them all together, so really not worth the deal. Those are your options for the game, be ready because the game comes out January 26th! just a few weeks from now!



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