Original Pokemon TCG getting re-prints!

Featured Image -- 477

Do you still have any of the original Pokemon cards from back in the day? I still do, I can say I still have some really good condition cards, and others not so lucky, from the original prints. I remember when I was kid, at school we were about trading cards and having the best Pokemon, I never played the game then, I don’t think any of my friends ever played the game, we were more into collecting the cards and show off our cool cards.

Well for all those “old folks” like me, i read this article from Polygon that the original set of cards will be reprinted according to the official Japanese website, and will be available on February 27th, and from the looks of it, they will have the original back like the old Pokemon cards before it was taken by Nintendo. The reprint will be an actual set including 60 original cards, a coin and manual, this will be great for all those collectors that like to have every card, but I’m sure the value of the card will not be the same as having the actual original print from the 90’s.  Now one thing I noticed on the website is that the price in yens is set to 1300¥, which is about $11 USD, if they keep that price I will buy them, of course if they do send them to the US, because currently they are only set to be release in Japan marking the 20th anniversary of the original TCG release.



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