2Ds Pokemon Red/Blue Edition UPDATE


2Ds Pokemon Edition –  Source

UPDATE: The New 3Ds will also be celebrating along with the 2Ds the Pokemon 20th year anniversary with their own version of Pokemon gaming system, although is not a system is just covers to the system i still think is really cool, check it out here.


The Pokemon game franchise is about to turn 20 years old since the first release of Pokemon Red and  Blue (originally in Japan was Red and Green) and for this 20th anniversary Pokemon Company has a “gift” for us, not really a gift since we have to buy them, but they will have some special edition Nintendo 2Ds. The first versions will be released in Japan, the same day they launch the eShop Red and Blue versions. As the TCG, there is no date for the USA release on this either, but the virtual games will be released the same day on both locations, February 27th. And if you want to have your own Red/Blue 2Ds, then you can always create your own game, just get some paint and be very careful, other have done it and if you do it, it will be  one of a kind, of course not an original one, but hey at least is all yours and no one will have one like it.



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